Welcome to Mailify

Mailify is a free disposable email service to receive quick and fast temporary emails. All created emails on mailify.co are self-destructive after 12 hours of getting created. And you can always delete any email that you've used. This is a free service that can easily be used when signing up for services that you do not wish to get attached for a long term. Mailify is the most advanced temporary email service for getting rid spam and junk emails.

Why do I need Mailify?

This is a very straight forward answer, to keep you clean and safe! If you have a doubt about any service or company, it is not advisable to use your regular email that has all of your personal data and banking information. You can simply protect yourself by using Mailify for such registration and verification process. After 12 hours, every information gets automatically deleted. And your regular email you remain ever safe. Our service is 100% free and secure.

Where can I use Mailify Disposable Emails?

Mailify is perfect for registrations on forums, freebies, signup to download and all similar services. Any place on the net that you do not feel safe with your personal email, then Mailify is the solution!